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Your weekly dose of crap to read on the internet instead of living your best life!


A wild (and pretty upsetting) account of how It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (one of my favorite shows on the planet) came to be. What a nightmarel.

Really beautiful piece on a mother’s body.

The 5 best career moves to make in your 30’s.

AND 11 things to do in your 20’s to become a millionaire by age 30. (It’s TOO LATE for me, but if you are a young baby, do it!!!!!)

Well this is going to be my favorite new show!

ALL THE FEELS. (Grab tissues.)

Love this Vanity Fair piece on Annie Mumolo.

How to tip in every situation.

50 best new restaurants in America.

Oh, just my bestie being HILARIOUS ON TV!!! Have you caught this commercial yet?

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