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Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday – Tony wraps the second season of School of Rock today and I was wife-ing it up helping him buy gifts (and also visiting set as soon as I heard Coolhaus was there handing out ice cream sandwiches). If you want to waste some of your life trolling the internet today, here’s some stuff to read! HAPPY HUMP DAY IS IT FRIDAY YET!

13 amazing and obscure food products to buy on Amazon.


11 work-appropriate fall jumpsuits under $150.

This colorful Instagram is making me happy.

Little known home decor sites designers love.

Love these words of wisdom from Shonda Rhimes.

5 questions to ask when buying wine (when you know nothing about wine.)

The best lipstick colors of 2016.

The many secrets (and sequins) of Broadway’s costume king.

L.A.’s 20 most iconic dishes.

This show is the best. THE BEST! If you live in L.A., go.

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