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Hi, guys. I’m really sorry I went off the grid completely unannounced this week. As I’ve shared recently, we’re going through an all-consuming (and at times chaotic) move that was especially chaotic this week; my latest party trick is to half-joke that I’ve given up my dreams to become a contractor and create my own personal Grey Gardens so I can become a hermit who no longer participates in society. I’ve also been trying to focus more on what I came to Hollywood for 11 years ago: acting and screenwriting. Oh, and also my marriage that I love very much. And, to be honest, I needed to take a step back from the blog to re-focus on what I want to share with you guys. So, Tony and I are taking a much-needed breather to spend time in Tahoe with family this weekend and I’m looking forward to doing absolutely nothing – and nothing for me means reading, binge watching everything and anything on television, and drinking copious amounts of wine, especially the variety that is pink and bubbles.

What do you like, and want more of, on this blog in the future? And (more importantly) what are you doing and eating and drinking this weekend? HAVE THE BEST LABOR DAY. Thanks for reading and supporting me. X A