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Entertainment Weekly thinks you should watch School of Rock and SO DO I! Season 3 premieres tonight at 8:30pm on Nickelodeon (catch up on old episodes here!) I am so proud of my husband and the insanely talented (and equally kind and hilarious) cast and crew he is lucky enough to work with. We’re having the gang over for a pizza pool party to celebrate and watch the show together tonight, and I’ve had the kind of day where I was already late once because I was reading an article with tips on how not to be late, so I’m gonna keep this brief. Here are a few of the reasons I am so very grateful Tony booked the show. And here is the music video they shot for their cover of Sia’s “Cheap Thrills.” I got to visit set that day and cried like 7 times… When we first started dating, Tony was an extra in a Super Bowl commercial that shot on this same Paramount backlot street and now he’s shooting a TV show with some of the most awesome people in the business (including, in this, a breakdancer who specializes in spinning on her head.)

{ One of the 10 million pics I took that day }

{ Getting in on the action }

{ Working the orange carpet at the Kids’ Choice Awards earlier this year }

{ Visiting set during the episode Tony pulled double duty in front of the camera as Dewey, and behind the camera as director }

ROCK ON & have the best weekend!