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{ Me + star Adam Chambers and show creator Ilana Cohn-Sullivan, twinning in both talent AND plaid shirts }

I started last year taking a step back from this blog to focus on what I moved to this crazy town to do in the first place: Writing scripts for the big screen (and small screen, and screen in your pocket – any screen that will produce my work so my mom can tell her book club her daughter has a JOB!!!) So, I am feeling very happy and very grateful to have ended 2017 with the release of the web series I worked on as Co-Executive Producer, OVERDUE for Awestruck. Hollywood is hard for all sorts of superficial reasons that nonetheless hurt your heart and soul, and it’s also hard for the reasons that have (finally finally finally) been in the news this year. I hope real, lasting, impactful change is coming. I think it is. I am excited to see what 2018 has in store, and I am V excited to share this show I worked so hard on with so many fiercely talented people!

This blog has been an outlet/lifeline for me to write what I want and put it out into the world without waiting for some Showbiz Power That Be’s validation or approval. So, I am especially thrilled to share a win with you! Thank you for reading, supporting and believing in me. Now please go watch what I was doing instead of blogging:







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