Annie Cavalero is a writer//actress living in the hills of Los Angeles with her three rescue mutts, Lucy, Tippi and Maggie, and one husband, Tony Cavalero.

She’s a proud graduate of the USC School of Cinematic Arts and Groundlings Sunday Company alum. Credits include: 2 BROKE GIRLS, Nickelodeon’s SCHOOL OF ROCK, Funny or Die’s MOTHERHOOD, the upcoming feature SATURDAY AT THE STARLIGHT and PRODIGAL (starring Kenneth Branagh.) Most recently, she co-executive produced a web series for AwesomenessTV, OVERDUE. She is currently starring in LA MOMS, a web series she co-wrote. Her sketch show STILL UNDISCOVERED was L.A. Weekly’s Top Pick. As a child, she wore an eye patch for medical (not fashion) reasons. As an adult, she wears high heels for fashion (not medical) reasons. Check out her reel & IMDB, she would love for you to give her a job.

Instagram @anniecavalero + Twitter @AnnieCavalero

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