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Earlier this week, I shared Style Me Pretty's post featuring our wedding. I had intended to write a big follow up today, a play-by-play of the day and what it felt like and every single joyful little detail... But, you can read about what made our wedding "Pinterest-y" and "special" over on Style Me Pretty. Today, I want to share what truly made the wedding special: The people who were there. We could have eloped (I think my mom still wishes we had), but I am sososososo glad we did not because it meant we got to share the most intimate and meaningful day of our lives with all of the people who collectively have made us who we are. We spent the entire wedding laughing, and ended the night with everyone in a giant circle scream-singing "Sweet Caroline" while Tony and I danced in the middle. My hair was so sweaty and gross and un-Pinterest-y from dancing, my mom braided the matted mess of my own locks (as well as the hair from some stranger in Italy that became my extensions), and twisted it into an impromptu knot, and I got to have a sweet, unplanned moment of just being her daughter again, letting her do my hair. Tony and I snuck upstairs just to look out the window and watch everyone having the time of their lives at the house we love so much. Every time I looked at him that day, he had tears in his eyes like he couldn't believe his luck, and I hope my face looked the same because I am the lucky one. I have never felt happier or more loved. The day was our dream come true. So, here is the rest of our wedding photo album, not just the "pinnable" details, but the people. (And also the dogs. And a lot of me. And all the cry-photos of Tony, which are my favorite.) Thank you so much for being a part of this wedding with me here!View Article