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This week has been a wild ride. I got to perform in a sketch show (something I haven't done in a long, long time) called MA'AM, produced by my best friend Katierose with a rotating cast that features some of the funniest ladies in L.A. This month, I was fortunate enough to be a part of it. I performed an old sketch I wrote years ago (see: pic above) in which I play a lunch-shift stripper. It was the first thing Tony ever saw me do, before he even met me, and he always tells people that watching it was the moment he fell in love with me. And hearing that always makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world, because I could not have looked more disturbing. He fell in love because I made him laugh. I wanted to do that sketch because performing it is just pure joy, and reminded me of the time in the Groundlings Sunday Company when we were falling in love and chasing our dreams sosososo hard and wondering if things would ever work out. And now, Tony is starring on a TV show. Getting up on stage and doing it felt a little like putting armor on against the world for this huge coming week: I turn 30 (not happy about it), and much more importantly, Tony's show "School of Rock" premieres tomorrow, both hugely emotional things for us. It sounds cheesy, but getting to perform that sketch with Tony and my best friends put things in perspective. Even though this town is insane, we have a rock-solid support team. We lend each other wigs. We drive across town in the rain to sit in the audience in a theater with more people onstage than in the crowd. We celebrate each others' successes, and bring wine and french fries when a casting associate asks us "Did you even look in the mirror today?" We love each other, run lines with each other, and believe in each other no matter what. I am so grateful for those people in our lives, and I am beyond proud of my husband and everyone involved with "School of Rock." I hope you watch it tomorrow (on Nickelodeon, right after the Kids' Choice Awards!) and I hope you love it. Here is everything else I am grateful for this week...View Article