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Tony and I are finally home from New York, after what was possibly the craziest week of our life. (Tony himself said, "I didn't think it was possible for things to get more emotional than our wedding." I think he meant it as a compliment?) It was whirlwind madness, going from the Kids' Choice Awards to "School of Rock" premiering nearly a year and a half to the day he booked the job to a red-eye to NYC for Tony's press tour to me turning 30 (something I've been extremely melodramatic about). There was a lot going on in our hearts and brains. In most other industries, if you get the right degree and work hard, you'll eventually get the job. Hollywood doesn't work that way. Someone can move out for pilot season and book the very first job they audition for (happened to a friend of ours), or someone can spend their entire life working toward the dream job that never comes (the worst fear of everyone we know). Plus, us actors are prone to drama. I'm not sure if lawyers or garbagemen cry when they get a job, but in this town when you never really know if it will happen, it's emotional. And all of that hit us like a ton of bricks - seeing Tony on TV, his face on Times Square, and kids shyly approaching him at the airport, a restaurant and the streets of New York, asking "Are you on a Disney show?" (Close enough. SO cool.) It was beautifully surreal. I'm happy to report that our marriage survived, I entered my 30's without a complete mental breakdown, and we ate nothing but carbs, butter, cheese and sugar for a straight week. Here's what it looked like...View Article