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Today is my last day of being 28… Tomorrow, I enter my last year of being in my twenties. Which is absolutely insane. Tony and I recently drove past a billboard for a new TV show and I started running my mouth about how the girl on the poster looks just like me and why didn’t I get to audition for that part?! Then, Tony nervously responded, “Maybe because she’s 19?” So, yes. I’m embarrassed to publicly admit it, but in my head, I still look exactly the same as I did in college. Only with better hair.

Truthfully, I’m happier now than I have ever been, and I’m glad I’m not in college anymore. But, I’m a perfectionist and had a “life list” growing up that doesn’t exactly match up with where I’m at now. I thought I’d be an in-demand writer-actress, married, spearheading a successful book club, waking up early to go to yoga every morning, spawning a few future doctors, you get it… But, I’m not as far along in my career as I’d like to be. I’m the dictator of an online book club, so I guess that sort of counts. I’m still unable to do the splits or touch my toes, and my “work out” often consists of me lifting 3 lb weights while parked on the sofa, watching Scandal. Tony and I are both “creative types,” and given both of our history in math and science classes, I think it’s pretty unlikely we have any doctor genetics hidden in us. Our kids are much more likely to join the circus. Or worse, pursue a career in writing and acting. But, the married thing is happening this summer! Tony is the best thing to ever happen to me. So, if one thing I hoped for myself could actually come true, I’m so lucky that it is him.


{Accidentally pressed the button too soon during our selfie action last night. I think my nose looks like Gonzo’s but this was Tony’s favorite pic.}

This next year, I’m going to try harder to be easier on myself and put less pressure on forcing things that are simply outside of my control. Tony’s always on my case to stop “future thinking,” and live in the now. So right now, I’m reflecting on the past year and appreciating all of the happiness it brought me:

1. I launched Heels in the Hills.

2. I got a surprise birthday gift from Tony last night. He told me to be dressed up and ready to go out by 8:30pm, because he got us a reservation at a hip new underground restaurant called The Garnish, which is so cool it doesn’t even have a website. He drove us downtown and we actually pulled up to Bestia, a restaurant I’ve been dying to go to for months that is impossible to get a reservation at… He made The Garnish up to throw me off his tracks. I don’t know how he got us in, all I know is that our reservation was under the name of a woman I have never met and he pulled some crazy strings to get it. It was worth it, and deserves the hype. Best night, best gift, best guy.


{Me, before eating my dream meal at Bestia last night}

3. I ate a lot of cake.

4. My bestie/co-MOH/writing partner Katierose and I sold a TV pilot!

5. I went through some really upsetting transitions in my career, and learned I’m stronger than I thought.

6. I adopted our third puppy while Tony was out of town at a bachelor party in Vegas.

7. I bought my wedding dress.

8. I started volunteering at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and had the joy and honor of getting to perform in several Young Storytellers Foundation Big Shows.

9. I watched the love of my life’s dreams come true.

10. I said goodbye to my beloved Grandpa Gil. (This is the only not-happy thing on this list. But I’m so grateful I got to say goodbye to him, and so happy he was in my life.)

11. Tony and I “adopted” Kithaka, a baby elephant from Kenya, through the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

12. I got to perform in three of my favorite live shows in Los Angeles: Fairy Tale Theatre: 18 & Over, American Town Hall and Revolver at UCB.

13. Tony and I went on a honeymoon test-run with my parents in Hawaii.

14. My friend Barbara had her second baby, Leo. And her first baby, Matisse, asked me if we could be best friends (I said yes) and told me I can be a princess because I have a pretty voice (thereby cementing our best friendship).

15. Twenty of our friends got married (that’s 10 weddings). I can’t wait for the 6 weddings (and counting) we have coming up. (7, if you count ours.) I love weddings so much.

16. I got to go to Tahoe with my other bestie/co-MOH Jax, her husband and Tony – super special, because she has a baby now and is a functioning adult who can’t just go on vacation whenever she wants, and she chose to spend a free weekend with me.

17. I went to my high school’s 10-year reunion (which should have been a wake-up call that I don’t look 19 anymore.)

18. I cooked a lot. Sometimes it worked out, sometimes it didn’t.

19. I went to Las Vegas for the first time as an adult, and humiliated myself.

20. My parents threw us an epic engagement party or, as my dad likes to call it, “the first wedding.”

21. North West and I now have something in common: both of our moms had naked videos of themselves online. (My mom’s isn’t as famous as Kim Kardashian’s – nor was it as risqué – and Tony helped her take it down, thank god.)

22. Last year, my friend Courtney and I filmed MOTHERHOOD (directed by Dominic Russo, co-creator of Workaholics), one of our favorite sketches from our Groundlings Sunday Company days. This year, it got into a few film festivals!

23. Tony and I took a pretty wild marriage class at a church up the street from us.

24. My childhood dentist (and my bridesmaid Ali’s dad!), Dr. Steven Lynch, donated hundreds of toothbrushes for Tony and I to distribute on Skid Row. Our friends donated jackets, blankets and socks, and help us distribute everything. I have so many beautiful people with beautiful hearts in my life.

25. For a birthday present, my mom offered to send me to fat camp to prep for the wedding (I have until tomorrow to decide). Thanks, Mom!

26. For a wedding present, my mom offered to pay for Clomid, so I can get pregnant with triplets. I declined. Thanks, Mom!

27. For career guidance, my mom tried to get Tony an audition for 50 Shades of Grey with shirtless headshots. Thanks, Mom!

28. We learned that we’ll be able to get married at my favorite place in the world, the same place Tony proposed… And if that’s happening in my 29th year, I am so ready to turn 29.


{My handsome dinner date last night and teammate in life}

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