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10 Truths Of (My) Pregnancy

March 18, 2015 11:24 am Published by 23 Comments

I am SO EXCITED to share the latest installment of the Coffee With Friends series, because it is a guest blog written by my dear childhood friend, bridesmaid and mom extraordinaire, Julia Bohn. Her stories of pregnancy are as hilarious as they are horrifying... So, when she announced she has a second baby on the way, I asked her to write a blog on the REAL truths of pregnancy. Her brand of honesty is rare - her take is so funny, but also something women can take comfort in if their pregnancy wasn't like Gisele Bundchen's, either. Thank you for writing this beautiful piece, Julia!View Article

29 Things For My 29th Year

March 17, 2015 8:43 am Published by Comments Off on 29 Things For My 29th Year

I’m writing this at 12:04am, so it is officially my 29th birthday! I just got out of the Jacuzzi that Tony and I splurged on to ease our aging, aching backs... (Okay, I’m being melodramatic. We’re not that old, even if I’m “Hollywood old.” We’ve just wanted one for years and finally bit the bullet. It’s amazing.) Now, I’m chilling in a bathrobe with a face mask on, thinking about what I am looking forward to in my last year of being in my twenties. Here's my bucket list - 29 things to do in my 29th year:View Article

28 Happy Things In My 28th Year

March 16, 2015 2:17 pm Published by Comments Off on 28 Happy Things In My 28th Year

Today is my last day of being 28... Tomorrow, I enter my last year of being in my twenties. Which is absolutely insane. Tony and I recently drove past a billboard for a new TV show and I started running my mouth about how the girl on the poster looks just like me and why didn’t I get to audition for that part?! Then, Tony nervously responded, “Maybe because she’s 19?” So, yes. I’m embarrassed to publicly admit it, but in my head, I still look exactly the same as I did in college. (Only with better hair.) Truthfully, I’m happier now than I have ever been, and I’m glad I’m not in college anymore. But, I’m a perfectionist and had a “life list” growing up that doesn’t exactly match up with where I’m at now. I thought I’d be an in-demand writer-actress, married, spearheading a successful book club, waking up early to go to yoga every morning, spawning a few future doctors, you get it... But, I’m not as far along in my career as I’d like to be. I’m the dictator of an online book club, so I guess that sort of counts. I’m still unable to do the splits or touch my toes, and my “work out” often consists of me lifting 3 lb weights while parked on the sofa, watching Scandal. Tony and I are both “creative types,” and given both of our history in math and science classes, I think it’s pretty unlikely we have any doctor genetics hidden in us. Our kids are much more likely to join the circus. Or worse, pursue a career in writing and acting. But, the married thing is happening this summer! Tony is the best thing to ever happen to me. So, if one thing I hoped for myself could actually come true, I’m so lucky that it is him.View Article

Green (Grey) Swamp Smoothie

March 13, 2015 2:02 pm Published by Comments Off on Green (Grey) Swamp Smoothie

Tony and I spent a long weekend eating our faces off in Austin and I'm less than five months from having to squeeze myself into a wedding dress (1.5 months from my first fitting). In retrospect, eating breakfast tacos and ice cream every day may not have been the wisest choice. NO REGRETS! It was worth it. I just have to pay penance now. I keep hearing that people who have their act together start their day with a green juice or smoothie, and I recently read in some trashy mag (probably Us Weekly) that Victoria's Secret models drink daily green smoothies with Spirulina powder blended in. I'd like to look like a Victoria's Secret model, so while at the airport eating my last cup of ice cream, I overnighted a package of the green stuff to myself. From some light Googling, it's my understanding that Spirulina is pond algae, and the top two ingredients are protein and omega fatty acids, qualifying it as a "superfood."View Article

TONANNIE’s Guide to Austin

March 12, 2015 2:02 pm Published by 2 Comments

Tony and I ate our weight in breakfast tacos, barbecue and ice cream this weekend, and it was worth every additional pound gained. (Don’t know how many pounds, specifically. Scared to step on a scale. Having trouble zipping my jeans though, so I know it’s serious.) I wrote about our adventures befriending alpacas and luxuriating in a tub tub during a rainstorm yesterday, but there was simply too much to say about all the glorious food we shoveled into our faces. It deserved a blog of its own. So, if you’re heading to South by Southwest this weekend or to Austin anytime ever, here is our guide to our new favorite city. (Special thanks are owed to Tony’s bosses at School of Rock, who are native Texans, food aficionados and music experts. Thanks for the hot tips, Jim and Steve! I blame you for my weight gain and current state of pure happiness.)View Article

Adventures In Austin, TX

March 11, 2015 8:10 pm Published by Comments Off on Adventures In Austin, TX

Tony and I spent a long weekend in Austin (we got home yesterday), and both of us are 100% ready to move there. We loved it. Here’s a highlight reel of the happiest, most fun vacations we’ve ever had...View Article

March Book Club: IN THE DRINK

March 10, 2015 8:20 am Published by Comments Off on March Book Club: IN THE DRINK

Did you finish last month's book club pick, "The Girl on the Train?" I haven't. (Procrastination is a real problem for me. I promise, I'm going to catch up!) But, "In the Drink" by Kate Christensen is next on my list. It's actually been at the top of my list for a long time - it was recommended to me by my friend and mentor Michele, who is one of the most brilliant writers I know. We have a lot of favorite novels in common, and she loves Maria Semple as much as I do. She told me a while ago this book is a must for anyone who loves Ms. Semple's writing, and I've been meaning to pick it up since. And after the dark January and February books, I'm ready for something fun and funny. So, this month I am finally reading "In the Drink!"View Article

Favorite Dress, Favorite City

March 9, 2015 9:46 am Published by Comments Off on Favorite Dress, Favorite City

Tony and I are spending a long weekend in Austin, and I am hereby declaring it my favorite city in the universe. Goodbye forever, Los Angeles! (Or, at least until tonight). I've got a few breakfast tacos in my lap that I'm eating in bed while I write and I've got to get out of bed and get ready to go eat somewhere else soon, so more on why Austin is my new favorite city later this week... But for now, here are a few pictures my favorite person Tony took of me in my favorite dress at my new favorite hotel, the Hotel Saint Cecilia. I never want to leave!View Article