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I can’t afford to go to Urth Caffe every morning (nor do I like to get out of my pajamas every morning), and so my solution is to make a “fancy coffee drink” at home. It’s on my list to learn how to make my own almond milk like all those girls on Pinterest who seem to have their lives together, but for now, baby steps… I’m mixing store-bought almond milk with Matcha Green Tea Powder to create a green tea latte.


Tony says it looks like dog barf and he’s not wrong. It also has a pretty strong taste; if you’re not into matcha green tea flavoring, it might taste like dog barf to you, too. But I love it. It’s easy; just blend a teaspoon into your latte until the powder dissolves. Plus, the bag promises all day energy, a metabolism boost, increased focus and improved skin health.



I mean, they pretty much had me at “calorie burner” and “anti-aging.” ANTI-AGING CALORIE BURNER. I will consume pretty much anything if you tell me it will burn off the calories of all the cake I shove in my face, and make me look younger than “almost 30.”

What’s your fancy beverage of choice when you splurge on cafe coffee? How do you elevate your morning coffee when you make it at home?

*Not a sponsored post. Just me making the most of my time on earth by writing about coffee.