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Private “Father of the Bride” Screening

July 24, 2015 12:17 am Published by 2 Comments

On Saturday, my friend Kate hosted a private screening of "Father of the Bride" in her garage-turned-movie-theater. I made miniature wedding cakes. Tony made grilled tacos. A few of my bestie "girls and gays" came, we all drank too much and had other people drive us home. IT WAS A DREAM COME TRUE.View Article

Taking A Minute To Breathe

July 22, 2015 11:53 pm Published by 6 Comments

Tony and I have been sprinting on the wedding planning hamster wheel hard as of late, and decided to take a night off to try and focus on why we wanted to get married in the first place. He treated me to a night of relaxation at Voda Spa, and I opted for the Siberian Wild Berry Scrub in hopes of getting baby butt-soft skin for the wedding. (Tony got a massage like a normal person.) My Maid of Honor Katierose turned me onto this Russian banya, and it's the only co-ed spa I've found in L.A. where we can enjoy the sauna, steam room and pool together before heading off to our respective choices of chilling out...View Article

lovable links

July 17, 2015 6:52 pm Published by 4 Comments

There are so many things I want to write about in these last few weeks leading up to our wedding - my bachelorette party, Tony's bachelor party, sharing our Save the Dates, how the guest list has been the most difficult part of planning, our honeymoon, how I've been feverishly sweating it out the elliptical from midnight to 1am - but, if you didn't get it from that last one, the days are disappearing like the sands through that hourglass on Days of Our Lives. And today, I prioritized my final dress fitting (!!!!!!!!!) and buying fake hair (which Tony and I affectionately refer to as our "wedding pet." It's actually real hair from a stranger in India, and I will be wearing it on my head while we promise to love each other forever). I'm going to try to keep posting every weekday, but things might be a bit sporadic leading up to August 1. Thanks for bearing with me, and for reading and supporting the blog, it means so much to me! In the meantime, here is some clickbait to get you through the weekend. I hope you have the happiest Friday! I sure did... Not only did the dress fit, but the kind people at Vera Wang told me to eat a burger. THOSE LATE NIGHTS ON THE ELLIPTICAL WERE ALL WORTH IT. And now, I'm going to do just that. Have the best weekend!View Article

The Cartorialist Draws Our Little Family

July 15, 2015 12:09 pm Published by 2 Comments

My insanely talented friend Carly Kuhn happens to be Instagram (and world) famous as The Cartorialist. I initially met her through the comedy circuit, pitching to her years ago and coming up through the Groundlings scene around the same time. I had no idea that in addition to being super funny, smart and pretty, she also happens to be this beautiful artist. (You can't hate her because she's also really nice.) I asked her to draw Tony and my little family, and she made the time in between drawing fashion week for Elle Magazine and planning her own wedding to do this for us...View Article

j’adorable things

July 14, 2015 1:24 pm Published by 6 Comments

Tony and I got in late last night from a close family friend's gorgeous wedding weekend in Colorado and we have a big meeting tomorrow that is going to force me to focus on something other than the wedding for the next 24 hours (and also shower). So, I'm going to make this brief(ish). But, I will climb onto my bridal blogger soapbox for a minute first and say this: We have less than 3 weeks until our wedding day, and the days are going by at warp speed (this is my excuse for not showering most days). There is a lot left to do, and I am a bad combination of super Type-A perfectionist and extremely disorganized. A lot of people have been asking me lately, "Are you okay?" and saying "Remember, it's supposed to be fun!" Here's the thing: It IS fun. So fun! I've loved weddings my entire life, and could not be more thrilled for my own. Especially after the last few we've attended, where I've known either the bride or groom for my entire life, which made those weddings all the more emotional and reminded me to take a minute and breathe when it comes to my own. And the old adage that guests only have as much fun as the bride and groom are having is absolutely true; I've just spent the last few weekends partying harder than I did in college with some of the happiest brides I've ever seen. So, the last thing I want is for my guests to be worried about me, or for them to watch stress wrinkles grow on my face. I want nothing more than the last year and a half of planning to result in a party where people are happy and carefree, with a drink in one hand and a jar of cake in the other, rocking out on the dance floor. Especially Tony and me...View Article

Kim’s Green Berry Nut Smoothie

July 9, 2015 5:00 am Published by Comments Off on Kim’s Green Berry Nut Smoothie

After my Veuve-and-slider-station bender this past weekend, it's time to crawl back onto the "fit into my wedding dress" wagon. My friend Kim is pictured above, so it goes without saying she knows what to eat to look like that. (You can check out her other fave smoothie recipe here.) She shared this recipe to help a girl out. It didn't have a name when she emailed it, so I'm taking full credit for that (sorry, Kim.) Maybe if this blog doesn't work out, I'll pursue a career in smoothie naming. Is Jamba Juice even around anymore? I'm getting sidetracked... Here's what to blend to get a body like Kim! It serves 2, so you can share with your lover or eat both yourself.View Article

Vogue’s Best Spring Lipsticks

July 8, 2015 12:48 pm Published by 4 Comments

Guys, I am fully aware that it is no longer spring and is, in fact, past the 4th of July and deep into summer. Like, 3 1/2 weeks away from our wedding into summer. Right now, juggling the final details of planning (like how to procure affordable AND natural-looking hair extensions, and figuring out where we can "borrow" WiFi for the photo booth) are at the top of my priority list. Me taking a shower and changing out of sweatpants is at the top of Tony's priority list. Recently(ish), I saw Vogue's piece on the best lipsticks for spring and decided to try them out myself. Then, I totally forgot to share the pictures until I ran out of storage on my phone because it's clogged with selfies of me in my wedding dress, and discovered these photos. I need to get my shit together. But, I'm of the mindset that lipsticks shouldn't be "seasonal" because they're really expensive and my frugal grandfather taught me to clean my plate, and I'm applying that mentality to make up and plan to use them until they're gone, not until the weather changes. So, here is how Vogue's picks stack up for me...View Article