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My sweet friend Kelsey Farese graciously invited me to be a guest on her latest YouTube series, Creator’s Corner, where she interviews fun people while doing fun activities. I got to be said “fun people,” and our fun activity was trying out bizarre DIY skincare treatments to see if they actually work… We shot it Sunday and someone asked me today if I’m a USC student, so OBVIOUSLY they did work!!!! (Sidenote: I lied and said yes, I’m a freshman.) Check it out if you like weird, affordable (and edible) beauty treatments! Kelsey is as talented as she is hilarious, she has a super alluring southern drawl and is mother to my dream dog, Nana. And she gave me the opportunity to smear chocolate all over my face in the name of beauty AND ponder becoming a Breatharian, Michelle Pfeiffer-style. Check out her YouTube page for all sorts of fun, funny and informative beauty and make-up tutorials! Thank you for having me, Kelsey! It was an honor and a blast. If anyone ever steals your dog… Just know it was probably me.