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I’m a total creeper and love to stalk people’s wedding websites. (Probably a creeper for other reasons too, but we’ll keep it specific to this blog.) I get such a rush trolling strangers’ photos and love stories, seeing where they’re getting married and why, how he/she proposed, judging they’ve registered for. (You are a dirty liar if you tell me you don’t judge wedding registries… OR I’m just a jerk.) It feeds my greater wedding obsession and is so weird, I know. I can’t help it. I love love, and if I can’t actually go to a wedding I wasn’t invited to, this is the next best thing. (I think this sort of stalking is legal because the internet is a public domain and whatnot, but password-protected wedding websites were probably invented because of people like me.) My mom is a Grade A creeper like myself; one of the reasons we changed our wedding date from 4th of July weekend was because she found some strangers’ wedding site who were getting married that same weekend in Tahoe in 2014, and had a note under “Accommodations” that all of the hotels were fully booked six months out. I love my friends dearly, but none of them are booking hotels six months in advance. So, our stalking paid off with useful information!


So, for a little karma, I’m sharing Tony and my wedding website publicly:! (Don’t worry Snowman, owner of “The Big House” – our wedding venue, the spot where Tony proposed and my favorite place on earth. It doesn’t have your address on it.) Our site is hosted through Riley & Grey, a luxury wedding website company that I’ve adored and followed since they launched. I’m aware that there are plenty of free options for wedding websites (one of my friends even built her own!), but to me, spending a little money was worth it for both the aesthetic, as well as ease of designing and customizing it. I’m not particularly tech savvy (understatement of the year), so the “Mad Lib” structure of it appealed to me – I got to pick a beautiful layout, and make it my own with our engagement photos and words. A wedding website (along with the invitations) sets the tone for the wedding itself and, since ours has a black tie dress code, it was important to me that it be equally elegant.


The Marie Antoinette in me also just wanted to look at something pretty while spending hours putting it all together. And spend hours I did! (Another reason I’m sharing I spent an obscene amount of time on it and JUST WANT TO BRAG, OK??) Riley & Grey has a beautiful collection of designs, and all are only available for a limited time, so it will be (fairly) unique to you and not something every other bride has, too. You can also switch designs, if you get tired of yours and have an unreasonable amount of free time to re-do it.


I should note that this is not a sponsored post; I paid for my subscription, although I did wait until a deal was available (I bought a package on sale at Gilt). However, I wrote to the kind folks at Riley & Grey to let them know how much I love what they do and they generously offered a 50% off discount for the first 50 readers to use the code HEELS at checkout! You don’t even have to be engaged yet… If you love a design and want to lock in a domain name, you can (for a small fee)!


Since I was not paid to write this (and actually paid for the service myself), you can believe me when I say that I genuinely love this site. They have great customer service (when I had trouble scaling our photos to fit, Support quickly jumped in and tweaked them for me), and also offer mobile and tablet friendly designs, the ability to organize guests’ addresses and an option to collect RSVP’s through your wedding website.


I also appreciate the organization details, which make things especially easy on our guests; on the Travel page, it connects guests with flights, directions and even train schedules. And on the Accommodations page, if you hover over the individual hotels, all of that hotel’s information pops up: address, cost, promo code and distance to the wedding venue. And I think the way the bridal parties are introduced is tres chic! (Or as the kids would say these days, on fleek!)


Happy stalking and judging! I’ve included screen grabs here on the blog, so our website can live on long after our subscription expires and I’m an old, un-fleek married Mrs.








*The first 50 readers to use the code HEELS at checkout on Riley & Grey will receive a 50% discount!*