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{My mom, making motherhood look easy and full of joy since 1986.}

In honor of Mother’s Day, I’m re-sharing the blog I wrote last year about lessons I’ve learned from my mom. But, I’m home for Mother’s Day this year, even though my mom is not (she’s out of town and I was in town for my friend Ali’s bachelorette party). So, instead, I’m perusing the baby diary she kept about me. Highlights:

VERY FIRST SENTENCE IN THE BOOK: “Anne went to the bathroom at a public toilet for the first time – at the Community Pool. She was especially interested in lining the seat with toilet paper.” (You should know that I was 2 1/2 when this was written.)

“She has a pink dress fetish lately. For 5 or 6 weeks she has insisted on wearing a pink checkered dress that she wore on her birthday. On our trip to Lake Tahoe, she only wore that dress the whole trip.” (You should know that this phase continued for another year or so. I wore that dress for a year.)

“Annie loves the Snow White dress we had made for her 3rd birthday. She wears it every day. It’s like the pink dress of last year.” (I then wore that Snow White dress every day for a year. I have yet to be diagnosed with OCD.)

“She asks her dad for a bologna and mayonnaise sandwich nearly every morning.”

“And lately, Annie has been calling our sweet Freddie [the dog], Baby Jesus.”

“Re: anatomy: [Annie says] little boys have ‘peanuts’.”

“Loves leotards. Want a kitten.”

“Annie was pretty busy eating her bread.” (Still am. Can’t quit carbs.)

“Favorite food: Swanson’s turkey TV dinner stuffing.”

“Calls her daddy ‘You chowderhead.'”

“Today, she asked ‘Mommy, how old are you?’ 34. ‘Pretty old, huh?’ (Nods.) ‘Are you going to die today?'”

“Separation problems since the baby [my brother Billy] arrived. Ugh.”

“She stated, ‘You know where I’m going to honeymoon? Disneyland!” (Sorry, Tony. My tastes have grown more extravagant.)

“Accomplishments today: ate ice and brie cheese.”

“Also, today she said, ‘I’ll be your girl forever.'” And I will, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day! I love you! Thank you so much for preserving these beautiful memories forever.


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