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{Fam bam at Good Times At Davey Wayne’s}

My dad’s genius godson Tommy graduated from law school and business school and passed the bar this weekend. He’s my dad’s best friend Bill’s son, and like a brother to me. I’m almost exactly a year older, so I can technically say I’ve known him since he was born, even though neither of us remember meeting each other. He’s probably the most accomplished person I know, along with my oldest friend… All I accomplished this weekend was eating my own weight in tacos, fried chicken and cocktails. But it was worth it, for a weekend long celebration with Tommy’s family in town. I love the family I was born into, but I’m doubly lucky to have such a loving extended family of people who (while not blood relatives) are like second parents and brothers to me. (I just wish I actually was related to Tommy’s mom Barb, because she can do the splits and I can’t even touch my toes.)We rolled with an entourage of 13 this weekend.


{The dog inexplicably running around the bar. Wish I’d known I was allowed to bring my three.}

Everybody left this morning, so I’m easing back into my real life and real diet (had a protein shake and beans for lunch. I AM A CATCH.) We took them on a tour of the School of Rock set at Paramount (they loved the golf carts, raiding craft services, riding Tony’s skateboard and filming slo mo videos), caught a show at the Groundlings (which Barb reenacted the rest of the weekend) and partied on the roof of the Avalon Hotel toasting Tommy. It was the best. Not to mention a lot of fun to see L.A. through the eyes of Coloradoans (is that a word? It is now!), just to remind us how ridiculous and fun and awful and amazing this city is. Missing everyone already.


{Me + Tommy vogueing in the fridge door}


{Me + the mamas playing my kind of golf}


{The five dogs in residence at Chez Tonannie this weekend}


{When you pass the bar, graduate from law school AND graduate from business school, you shout Ta Da!}


{Salad-pizza. I like one of these two things.}


{We all pretended this flyover was in honor of Tommy}


{The graduate}


{My mom took this artistic shot of her lap}