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Yesterday, Tony wrapped season one of School of Rock. I can’t believe it. The past few months flew by, it feels like they just started a few weeks ago. We went out for an impromptu date last night to celebrate with sushi and movie (San Andreas, funniest movie of the year, we loved every minute) – and in the car ride, we were both saying that it still doesn’t feel real. I remember so vividly Tony going for a run at Runyon Canyon, and his team calling and telling me to go find him it was so important they speak to him immediately, and him running home just as I was about to drive out in the middle of rush hour to search for him dodging cars on Laurel Canyon Boulevard and tell him to get in. He called them back, and put it on speaker phone so I could be a part of the moment, too. They told him he booked the role, and I started sobbing.



{With our bestie Barbara, who came with me yesterday}

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: Tony is the hardest working, most talented person I know. He makes me laugh harder than anybody. But there are a lot of talented people in this town, and most of them are unemployed. We both know how very lucky he is that the right part came along at the right time, and he was ready for it. Even though he earned every bit of that role – he was a janitor for years and he bared everything (literally, everything – can’t tell you how many times my dad has seen Tony get naked on the Groundlings stage) for sketch comedy shows that he performed in for free. But still, there is an element of luck that someone recognized what an incredible force he is, and gave him this beautiful gift of a job. He’s as funny today as he was the day I met him, and I’ve spent the past four years watching him get too close on things he was perfect for that ultimately went to a “name” to know that luck does play a small, tiny role.


{Tony in his trailer with Lance. I tried to film a video of them, but kept turning it off when I thought I was turning it on because apparently I’m 90. So, this photo will have to suffice.}


{Tony raiding wardrobe}

The luckiest thing about the whole experience, though, is how kind and talented every cast and crew member was. It’s a cliche to say that on set, “everyone becomes a family,” and often times, people say it even though it’s not true. But I watched Tony and the rest of the School of Rock set become a family. I’ve watched him Skype with the kids the night before every table read, cracking each other up. We’ve had them up to the house for movie nights, and seen how much they all genuinely adore each other. I visited the set yesterday, and so many people came up to hug me, telling me they’d heard all about our wedding, how much Tony loves me, and how much they love Tony. After the final shot, one of the showrunners, several crew members and the kids all hopped up on the stage set for an impromptu jam session. Work was over and no one wanted to go home. It was one of the happiest moments of my life, because it’s the happiest I think I’ve ever seen Tony (next to when he tearfully proposed to me, obviously.)


{Tony took us on a tour. We got in trouble for driving on the bricks.}



{Wrap treats for the writers from our favorite bakery}

This feels like a kind of intense, transitional time; they wrapped yesterday, Tony and my 4th “dateiversary” anniversary is tomorrow, as is my bridal shower. We’re getting married in almost two months. A lot is happening, and I’m feeling all the feelings (don’t worry, Mom, I’m not pregnant.) The only guarantee we have right now is that Tony is about to be put to work with a ton of wedding planning with his newfound free time… But, I hope this show continues for a very, very, very long time. It’s been the greatest blessing in our life, not just because it really was Tony’s dream come true, but because of the people it brought into our life. (And food. They had great food on set, and I’m happy all those delicious treats came into my life.) Congratulations on a happy, hilarious, fun season one, School of Rock! I can’t wait to see it.


{Probably a lot of napping in Tony’s future, too. Here he is, fake napping for a photo op.}


{More photo ops on the Forrest Gump bench. This guy makes me so happy.}