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My insanely talented friend Carly Kuhn happens to be Instagram (and world) famous as The Cartorialist. I initially met her through the comedy circuit, pitching to her years ago and coming up through the Groundlings scene around the same time. I had no idea that in addition to being super funny, smart and beautiful, she also happens to be this incredible artist. (You can’t hate her because she’s also really nice.) I asked her to draw Tony and my little family, and she made the time in between drawing fashion week for Elle Magazine, drawing for Prada and planning her own wedding to do this for us. Carly, I love it and am so grateful and thrilled!

Sidenote: I love saying “our little family.” I can’t believe we’re making it official in 17 DAYS. I still haven’t decided whether all the members of our little family are going to have the same last name or not. Guys, do I change my last name??? 17 DAYS. THERE’S SO MUCH LEFT TO DO. I LOVE IT IT’S FUN I’M MANIFESTING CALMNESS AND HAPPINESS. 17 DAYS. BYE.