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Tony and I flew to Vancouver yesterday for a movie he’ll be shooting over the next few weeks. I came with him to keep this honeymoon going! And also because we’re newlyweds and I want to be together in the beginning of this exciting new chapter of our lives. And also because the food here is great (see: my Vancouver workation trip to visit Tony while he was shooting a movie last summer). It’s up to you to decide which the driving reason was. (If you know me, you will vote food.)



{My favorite travel dress, which has been put to a lot of use lately}

We spent most of the day in a blind rage, as United Airlines managed to screw up essentially every single aspect of our travel plans. After being delayed nearly an hour and then sitting on the tarmac for another hour because they were 500 lbs overweight and had to take all the suitcases off to figure out which were incorrectly loaded on (if you recently lost a suitcase, it was probably on our plane), missing our connection, and then having to go through security twice because they said they booked us on a new flight in a new terminal that they, in fact, did not book us on… I am really grateful I remembered to pack/wear all of the below items. Here are my airplane travel essentials:



{Riller & Fount dress & Birkenstocks}

I like to think of this dress as a super chic mumu that makes me look like an Olsen twin after a months-long cake & tacos bender (pretty sure I weigh the same as the two of them combined). But in reality, this is one of the coziest items of clothing in my closet. I recently read a story (I couldn’t find a link to it, so I also may have made it up in a nightmare) about some guy who got a blood clot because he wore jeans that were too tight on a plane. I have no idea if there is any scientific or factual validity to that story, but I tend to believe internet rumors. And, more importantly, I like to be as comfortable as possible while confined to an uncomfortable chair for hours. This dress is cute, black so it doesn’t show spills and as cozy as pajamas. And the Birks are equally comfy, and so quick to get in and out of at security so you’re not the jerk holding up the line.



To wear through security, so you’re not the jerk acquiring athlete’s foot when you’re forced to walk through security barefoot. Also, they’ll keep you warm on the plane, which always seems to come equipped with freezing foot air conditioners.


{Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover}

Even though you’re in black and your dress doesn’t show stains, your loved one might not be. And you might spill on him. Sorry, Tony.


{S’well water bottle}

We all know you can’t bring a bottle of water on a plane. But, you can bring an empty water bottle that is way cute and pays for itself after you fill it up at water fountains instead of paying for bottles throughout your entire trip.

Evian Face Mist

{face mist}

My skin gets dry and flaky on flights if I don’t use a face mist. This one is travel-size, keeps my face dewy and my make-up fresh for landing. I pack my favorite, Fresh Rose Floral Toner (which doesn’t come in a carry on size), in my suitcase to use on my trip.

ear plugs

{ear plugs}

In case there are screaming children, or a wife who wants to keep talking about her wedding that was almost a month ago.

Kind Bars

{Kind bars}

So you don’t turn into a hangry monster because you didn’t have time to grab a pre-flight breakfast, and then got stuck sitting on the tarmac for an hour trying to decide which flight attendant to eat first if you’re stuck much longer. My favorite flavors are the chocolate peanut butter and the dark cherry chocolate.

surf spray

{Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray}

This one I don’t actually bring as a carry on, but instead spray onto my damp hair before leaving for the airport. I pull it up into a bun, and then take the bun down so I have beachy waves when I land. I did this yesterday, and here is my hair after dinner last night:




Wear it when you’re cold, roll it up into a make-shift pillow when you need a nap.

eye mask

{eye mask}

So you can pretend it’s bedtime even if you’re surrounded by harsh, unflattering plane lighting. Or just daylight.

Luckiest Girl Alive

{Luckiest Girl Alive. Or another book.}

I’m so excited to get back to my old life where I read actual books, and not just wedding magazines. I devoured Luckiest Girl Alive while we were on our honeymoon. SO GOOD.

Us Weekly

{Us Weekly}

In case you read your books on electronic devices like I do, and need some eye candy for take off and landing. Or, just so you can scour Jennifer Aniston’s honeymoon pics to see if you’re paddle boarding off in the distance in any of them.

Colgate Wisp

{disposable toothbrush}

So your mouth doesn’t smell like the meal you ate 1,000 miles away.

Emergen CZicam

{Emergen C + Zicam}

Because I am the biggest germaphobe and hate getting sick.


A camera, to take pics to Instagram so you can make your friends at home jealous.

What am I missing that would be super helpful for our next trip?


  • Liz Norwood says:

    Oh guuuuurl. Xanax (for us nervous flyers) hand sanitizer (for us germaphobes), a neck pillow (as if that really helps) and noise canceling headphones or earbuds to share so you can watch your favorite movies already loaded onto your iPad together. Also I hear a handful of airline bottles are totally legit to bring on planes. So now I can stop sneaking alcohol into travel sized bottles labeled “mouth wash”. Boy did I bring a lot of “mouth wash” on our honeymoon.

    • Annie says:

      Girl you are MY KIND OF TRAVELER. All of the above sound magnificent. Can’t believe I forgot to mention Purell, I never leave the house without it!!!!! X A