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Francesca Paige

SUPER excited to share this Q&A with Hollywood’s most famous esthetician, Francesca Paige! She touches all sorts of celebrities’ faces, and now she has touched my blog with her skincare advice… Thank you, Frankie!!

Why did you decide to become an esthetician?

I had a really great esthetician who became my mentor.  I started seeing her when I had acne in 1989-90.  I was going to college and couldn’t control my breakouts.  I was able to get it under control with regular treatment and proper home skincare.  At some point during one of my appointments she mentioned how she thought I’d be a great esthetician as I could relate to those with acne.  I truly could relate.  Acne can be so debilitating for some and I knew I wanted to help.

You have loads of celebrity clients and have appeared everywhere from Vogue to Allure to Goop as Hollywood’s go-to for facials, and you’re infamous for being a no-nonsense miracle worker who blends more “traditional” skincare with science. How do you incorporate science into what you do?  

I do a lot of intuitive treatment.  When I meet someone I get to know him or her, therefore getting to know his or her skin.  I work as they talk which helps me customize as I go, which products and technology I’ll incorporate within a treatment.

Why work out of a clinical office, as opposed to a spa?  

I work out of a clinical environment, as my sessions are more treatment-based than spa-based.   Clients have mentioned that my office is comfortable and relaxing but they aren’t there necessarily to “relax” as much as they’re there to get to work with their skin.  We are there to make significant changes whether it be anti-aging and preservation or acne treatment.  Spa music and massage is something that facilities in my area offer and they are wonderful but it’s not our focus at FPSkin.

For skincare newbies, can you explain the benefits of the more “technical” aspects of a facial, like microdermabrasian, lasers and LED lights?

That’s a great question!  Skincare “newbies” can be any age.  I have clients that began with me in their teens for acne, 20’s while getting ready for their wedding, 30’s having babies, 40’s. Turning 40 and feeling like “its time for me!” and so on…  Every new client on my treatment bed is a “newbie” to me.  I go over what they’ve been doing and what their expectations are.  I share with them what I do, what I see on their skin and how I can help.  If I see something I’m unable to treat I refer them to a Dermatologist, RN, PA or Plastic Surgeon that can answer more questions for them.  Microdermabrasion can help smooth the skin and overall is great for anti aging and stimulation to the skin to renew.  I don’t use lasers but they can be used to treat red and brown spots as well as aging, environmentally damaged tissue.  LED lights are so much fun!  No downtime and they are great for anti aging, acne, skin rejuvenation and overall glowing skin.  Each colored light is calibrated to go a certain depth into the skin, affecting what that layer’s function is.  From reducing oil production and killing bacteria for an acne client to stimulation of collagen and healing for anti aging treatment.  I LOVE LED’s.  Micro current is also coming onto the scene again and it’s not just for clients that want a visible lift in the muscles of the face.  It’s a love of so many of my younger clients. As with most things, if it’s started early in life, the tissue maintains its structure and shape.  I’m a big fan of telling your skin what to do rather than waiting for it to tell you.  I don’t ever want a client to look in the mirror and think, I need an eye cream.  Start with an eye cream as early as you can and change the formula when and if you ever want or need to.

How often should we ladies be getting facials?

Having treatment once a month is great.  However, if you’re in need or want of changes, you may want to visit more often.  I have clients I’ve seen weekly for a number of years.  I offer short appointments in between longer ones.  I assess their skin each week and depending on their social calendar and needs of their skin, I treat them.  I might do a few extractions and LED one week and maybe a mask and oxygen another.  Maybe fit in micro current or microchannelling, too.  Having professional weekly treatment can be costly so take advantage of the “at home” skin care technologies available to consumers today.  Do your research before you buy and check out YouTube for great tutorials.  Given the opportunity, do something weekly at home to treat your skin.  Take a look at it.  Assess.  The skin on your face can heal in about a week typically so visit with it!  It’s like the gym.  We can’t expect great, lasting results if we only visit once a month.

What are the most common skincare mistakes you see women making? 

The most common skincare mistakes I see women make are:

  • Not wearing SPF daily.
  • Using products that their friends recommend that are totally wrong for them.
  • Over exfoliation and over use of products.
  • Using the same products all year long for years.

And what are the smartest moves a woman can make to improve her skin? And any anti-aging tips?

One of the smartest moves a woman can make to improve her skin would be to have a genuine interest in the largest organ of her body.  The skin has such a big job to do.  Pay attention to what you put in your body, protect your skin with SPF daily and consult with a professional sooner than later to learn about how to care for it.  Don’t wait until the skin is in distress to seek out a relationship with a great dermatologist or esthetician.  We are here to help but most importantly, here to educate and support our clients and patients.

Your above-mentioned celebrity clients wax poetic about your skincare line. What are a few of your favorite products? What do they do?

I created my skincare products out of a need to fill holes in the skincare lines I was selling.  I made notes about conversations I would have with clients and their needs over the years and formulated products based on those notes and needs.  I also was diagnosed with malignant melanoma in 2011, so I wanted to create products that were good for the body without parabens, fillers, sulphates or anything artificial.  I found a certified organic lab in the US and began formulating. The Daily System, Un-Liner and BFF are all vegan as well.  Which today, for some, is an added benefit.

While I love all of my children (my products), I have 3 that are stars.  My BFF was created from a conversation I had with a celebrity client.  We talked about how it would be great if there were something like an aspirin for the skin.  Something to take the pain and swelling down from a breakout, but wasn’t drying.  BFF was born.  Non-drying, and reduces swelling and inflammation for breakouts.  I have clients that use it as a serum all over their faces to prevent breakouts or that have oily skin.  It’s great for them as it’s light and doesn’t feel heavy or pore clogging.  It can be used multiple times throughout the day to spot treat and reduce the sore feeling you get when you can feel your breakout coming.  I suggest applying liberally, as it won’t dry the surrounding skin, and regularly the moment you feel the breakout.  RESTORE was created out of the need to streamline my client’s products.  I found myself selling multiple products to get a particular result.  I created RESTORE, that not only smooths and brightens the skin, but also contains magical peptides at the manufacturers suggested strength to increase the volume of collagen which enhances elasticity as well as relaxing the subcutaneous muscles that cause wrinkling.  The peptide is a relaxant like Botox so your face looks less tensed hence, more youthful.  My third star is my Un-Liner.  This unique product is packed with two new peptides that lift and tighten the eye area as well as reduce puffiness.  It also has light exfoliation properties and a brightener.  I suggest using it around the eyes, mouth and even nasal labial folds.

Any final words of advice for us on protecting our skin?

My final words would be don’t stress about your skin.  It can be really simple.  Take time for it, protect it, stay hydrated and speak kindly towards it.  If you can fit other things in, great!  Professionals, whether in a doctor’s office or esthetic environment are here to help you so take advantage of us!  I have a concierge skincare company and we get emails all the time from people needing advice on where to go or what to do with their skin or products.

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  • Liz Norwood says:

    LOOOOVE this. I have been looking for advice on good skin care products (was considering looking into your drunkin late night purchase a few stories below). Ever since I got pregnant last year I really started (and in a way stopped) taking care of myself. While I ate really healthy and took enough vitamins to cover all the years I never took any, on the other hand I tried to rarely put anything on my skin as it soaks in and I was too concerned with chemicals in and on my body. I barely washed my face properly. Barely wore makeup (although let’s face it, that was rare to begin with). And now as a new stay at home mom I have really just gone with the “no fucks to give” motto. But I am desperately wanting to reverse some damage I have done. The circles are more prominent, and crows feet are creeping up. Although to me that only means I’ve been laughing. Like a lot. I’ll def check these out! Good read!

    • Annie says:

      Laugh lines are THE BEST lines! Love love love love love that perspective. Thanks for this sweet note and for supporting the blog, Liz. And I will say, I am truly obsessed with my drunken late night purchase of the face zapper thing. I get that awful cystic acne that lasts for at least a week (and I sometimes have to get cortisone shots to make them go away), and this thing gets rid of 99% of them. I think if I used the anti-aging wand more regularly it might help too, given how effective the zit one is. You are the best, thank you again :) xxx