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June Book Club: BIG MAGIC

I promised myself that I would never ever ever choose a self-help book for this blog’s Book Club. In general, I am judgemental of that genre (probably because my self needs lots of help) and I’ve always been of the opinion that I could be accomplishing so much in the time it would take to read a book about becoming more productive/happy/peaceful. Probably (definitely) deep down, I was scared to be the schmuck who needed one, and thought if I worked hard enough then I never would. That worked for a solid decade, but as you guys know from reading this blog, Hollywood has ground me down and my confidence and faith that everything won’t just go to shit has slipped a bit (lot). Tony ordered this book, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, as a surprise to help boost me up and honestly, I started reading it just so he couldn’t say “Why don’t you read that book?!” the next time I cried melodramatically over my career (or lack thereof).

And then I realized maybe I do need a self-help book. Because I am loving this one. I’m halfway through, and already know that I’ll want to go back to page 1 and read it all over again. The cover says “Creative Living Beyond Fear,” but it’s not just for people in a creative profession. While her thoughts on creativity definitely speak to me as a writer, I love that her advice is applicable to any passion – even just making room for a hobby that brings you joy that will permeate into your daily life and “real” job. It’s about finding fulfillment, becoming braver and freer, facing your fears and embracing what you love. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Okay, lovey dovey mindfulness self-help cult pitch out. Next month, we’ll be back to novels about murderous wives and crazy women!

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