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Tippi is SO SORRY for eating her dad’s gardening/golfing hat. And I am SO GRATEFUL for the outpouring of love and support after the blog I shared Monday. You guys are all amazing humans, and I feel really lucky to have so many friends in it with me here in Hollywood (as well as my mom’s book club in it with me long distance, most of whom have reached out with concern – 2nd MOMS, I LOVE YOU AND I’M STILL TRUCKIN’ ALONG MY DREAM), and also so many of you internet strangers who’ve become internet friends. Some of you have asked if that post was the end of the blog; I’m sorry for any confusion, it definitely wasn’t! I love this blog and having the outlet to write every day, and I love connecting with all of you. I’m just trying to get the confidence/courage to fully jump back into the shark-filled waters of La La Land and the pursuit of a creative career there, too. And after all of your encouraging messages, I feel better about attempting both. So, THANK YOU. Here are a few other things that inspired me (or distracted me) during this emotional week!

This video is maybe my favorite thing of all time ever. It brings me SO MUCH JOY. (So does this other one, which basically portrays my mom.)

The hilarious truth about being an actress in Hollywood.

Why good storytellers are happier in life and love.

How to get more women in the director’s chair.

Are you subscribed to TheSkimm? If not, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? It’s my favorite way to get the news (and have an excuse to stay in bed longer while I read it every AM.)

9 Sephora perks you never knew existed.

This woman is so inspiring.

Happy Hump Day!


  • lou says:

    Heya! I really love this quote from the last article: “It doesn’t matter how old you are—if you want something, there’s no statute of limitations on pursuing it.” I’m 27-and-a-half, and kinda feeling like I’m stalling…totally need/ed some encouragement to dream big and go after it (and maybe you do too?) Thanks!

    • Annie says:

      Hi hi! Thank you so much for dropping me a line – couldn’t agree more with the sentiments of that article, and yours. It’s so good to hear it from successful women like her, because it’s also very easy to forget how right she is as we get caught up in the (difficult) pursuit of realizing our dreams. Thanks for reading and encouraging me on mine! And I say right back to you: DREAM BIG & GET IT. Thank you again :)