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Wanna know the grossest thing I have ever purchased? A VANITY LIGHT UP SELFIE PHONE CASE. The LuMee, specifically. I saw a drunk girl using one in Vegas a few weeks ago, and immediately thought to myself, “I NEED THAT.” (I hate me, too.) It gives you that “picture perfect” glow, so you can pretend you’re a Hollywood starlet on a perfectly lit magazine shoot (when you’re really just the poor man’s Kardashian.) In fact, here is Kim Kardashian using it!


The packaging DOES say¬†it can also be used as a flashlight, probably so you feel a little less ashamed of buying it (full disclosure: I DID use it as a flashlight in Tahoe over Labor Day.) But really, it’s just to give you ideal¬†lighting for your 1,000th douchey selfie. SORRY NOT SORRY I LOVE IT BYE!

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