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{ Obsessed with this book & also my pool/shower alternative }

For September’s book club pick (coming in at the very end of the month – sorry guys, I just can’t get my shit together), I’m selecting my latest, greatest fave novel: Kaui Hart Hemmings’ How To Party With An Infant. It’s a hilarious and sweet story about a single mom navigating the intense San Francisco “mom scene,” who – in a search for her own identity – enters the San Francisco Mommy Club’s cookbook writing contest. I don’t have kids, but I found it really relatable – I think anyone can relate to searching for a pack of friends to fit in with, adapting to life’s unexpected turns and (especially for me, at this point in my life), trying to achieve a dream that seems unattainable or silly, and make something of your life that you can be proud of.

Kaui Hart Hemmings also wrote one of my other favorite books of all time, The Descendants. I was an intern at George Clooney’s production company at the time, and I remember being given the manuscript to read before the book was even released. And I loved it sososososo much, and felt VERY important to have known about how special it was, and what an incredible writer she was, before it even hit the shelves. This is a semi-unrelated full-brag. But I’ve loved her work since, and am so excited about her latest. It’s funny and raw and I am so into it. Highly recommend.

What are you reading right now?

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