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Do you subscribe to theSkimm? If not, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE? Oprah reads this newsletter on the daily and so do I, and I really can’t think of a better endorsement than that. It’s an email blast with the latest news sitting in your inbox every AM when you wake up. Each story is contained and written cleverly – it’s like if your super smart, funny, sassy friend called you every morning to give you the scoop on what’s happening in the world, and is just long enough to get you through the line at Starbucks. It covers the really important stuff, but also always opens with a Quote of the Day with bits of funny and ridiculous headlines (today was Nick Carter’s thoughts on the Backstreet Boys’ upcoming Vegas residency). It’s a lot like The Daily Show, only in an email form written by two besties in their 20’s. And they always link to longer stories in other news outlets, if you want to go more in depth. (They also often conclude their emails with their latest favorite books, wine or opportunities to win vacations.)

They’re Skimm’ing the election hardcore, which is why I thought today would be apropos to share my love for them. They have easy links to help you double check that you’re registered to vote, and breakdowns on the candidates and their positions on key issues. Earlier this year, they did interviews with everyone who threw their name in the hat for President. They’ve got drinking games for the debate tonight, and are even offering free Postmates delivery with the code SKIMM at checkout. If you don’t subscribe yet – SUBSCRIBE. Highly recommend.

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