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Hi hello what’s up happy hump day first day of summer! I went for a “run” (trot-walked slowly) around Lake Hollywood with a close friend recently, who lovingly pointed out that most of my focus lately has been obsessively fixated on my “career” (I use the term “career” loosely because in actuality I’m more of an unpaid intern in the Chasing Insane Dreams department). And while I’m continuing to spin my wheels in that pursuit, I’m adding the new goal to have other things in my life to talk about for the sake of balance, mental health, showering on a regular basis, etc etc. So, here are the other things occupying my time/energy/focus, making me happy, inspiring me and generally giving me life right now:

This daily gratitude journal app, because “do what Oprah does” overall seems like good life advice.

My friend Acasia’s blog, It Comes In Threes. She is a beautiful badass who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and she is documenting it eloquently, powerfully and fiercely. I am in awe of her.

Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King on Netflix. Hilarious, heartbreaking and brilliant. I went to school with Hasan (from Pioneer all the way on up through Davis High), and his stand-up special is eye-opening, inspiring and made me cry-laugh. I wish I could claim to be his friend, but I can say I am his fan. Watching him perform this in our home town is epic.

GLOW, coming out on Netflix June 23. I can’t remember the last time I was so excited for a show to be released.

Friends & Family, the new restaurant from the awesome people behind Cooks County, one of Tony and my favorite spots in LA that closed a while back. This new joint is so good. Highly recommend the white cheddar biscuits, caramel brownie, ham & cheese croissant, fried chicken sandwich and chocolate morning muffin. Can’t wait to try some of their take-home options, like pizza dough and sauce for a “make your own pizza” night.

Weleda Skin Food. I am addicted to this body cream. I embalm myself in it on the daily. I have super sensitive skin that is dry and breaks out easily and frequently (awesome combo brag alert), and I can even use this on my face. Which I do a lot as of late – a recent meltdown led to an impromptu purchase of an at-home anti-aging laser and even though I’ve been subjecting myself to that and Retin A, my skin isn’t flaking off like sad body confetti thanks to this magic. Like an idiot, I’ve shelled out for La Mer in the past and this is tops.

Kirby Jenner, my favorite Instagram account that brings me endless amounts of joy.

6 unbelievable perks that come with your L.A. Public Library card.

This piece on men interrupting women, talking over women, or shutting down the ideas of women and then later sharing that exact same idea as their own.


Katie Hill, a young woman running for the last Republican-held seat in LA County. She is the Executive Director of PATH, a statewide organization dedicated to ending homelessness for individuals, families, and communities, and she is an inspiration to me. Learn more about her in this ELLE magazine piece and on her website.

Big Little Lies, The Night Of and Fargo. Put these at the top of your BINGE NOW list.

Biore Watery Essence SPF 50 (I read about it in some beauty magazine as one of the most raved-about sunscreens on Reddit that you can’t buy in the U.S. but can get on Amazon, and I usually like things that are pretentious and/or difficult to obtain, so I ordered some. And I LOVE IT. It feels like a fancy face serum, absorbs quickly and doesn’t have that usual goopy, sticky sunscreen feel. And it smells amazing. I’m not getting paid to write any of this because I don’t know if anyone even reads this blog anymore.)

And on that epic sunscreen note… These two SPFs double as makeup and are my new obsession: Supergoop! SPF 45 translucent powder and makeup setting spray. Easiest way to reapply SPF throughout the day.

25 famous women on depression and anxiety.

17 quiet places in LA to find a magical moment of peace, all of which I would like to visit soon (again and again.)

The sketch show I co-wrote and co-starred in with my crazy talented friend Cammy Brickell, STILL UNDISCOVERED, which was LA Weekly’s Pick of the Week. I think this piece, topped off by Cammy’s face being blurred out with the words “Courtesy Tony Cavalero” pretty much sums the show/our careers up. My favorite part of the interview was how bummed and confused the writer was when she realized it’s a sketch show, and not our own personal “So Long, Boulder City.” The show was June 1 and a total blast. (We are still undiscovered, though.)

The true crime podcast S-Town. It ripped my heart open. If you haven’t listened yet, it is everything people are saying and more. Without giving anything away, it is a captivating, unforgettable account of a small town in Alabama and a man named John B. This New York Times piece on it is great (and has no spoilers).

Sheryl Sandberg’s new book on resilience, Option B.

I miss you guys, shouting random things out into the internet and getting lovely messages and comments back; it’s nice to hear more than the echo of my own voice as I pitch script ideas to my dogs. (JK the echo I just mentioned was for dramatic effect, I’m a hoarder and all my crap absorbs the sound of me talking to myself.) While I’m still maintaining my plan of sporadic Heels in the Hills posts as I continue to focus on my Hollywood dreams, I’ll try to share more this summer (more fun stuff, too, not just existential, melodramatic whining.) And circling back to that whole balance/mental health thing, I’m going to try to do more fun stuff, too. What are you reading/watching/eating/loving that I need to get into this summer of ’17??


  • Anna says:

    Annie! I’m so excited to read this. I’ve missed you and this blog so much. When I woke up to an email in my inbox with a new post I was ecstatic. I’m still working on figuring out script writing so I’m reading “Save the Cat.” If you have any recommendations I’d love to know them. Recently, I’ve watched Chewing Gum on Netflix. It was super interesting. I’m currently stress eating and loving the craziness of my life right now. I’m teaching summer school, I’m moving in a week, and I’m getting married in three weeks.

    • Annie says:

      Sweet girl!!! Thank you so much for this wonderful note and CONGRATULATIONS on your upcoming wedding (which, after my delay in responding, is just days away yes?? Yay!!!!! Stress eat away, cupcakes are the answer to everything!!!!!) I need to check out Chewing Gum, thanks so much for the rec. And I LOVE Thomas Lennon’s book on screenwriting, WRITING MOVIES FOR FUN & PROFIT. Super helpful and hilarious! Can’t recommend highly enough!! Thanks again for these sweet sweet words. Congrats on the move and your teaching gig! Enjoy every minute of your wedding, and the days leading up! So happy for you!!!!!! xxxxx

  • Elizabeth Lazare Marshall says:

    Oh Annie—I’ve missed your humor! Keep it coming.

  • Carol Aceves says:

    So nice to have you back even if it’s only occasionally. Btw, I just bought Sherl Sandberg’s book. Hoping it will be helpful. Hugs to you and Tony?

    • Annie says:

      Thank you so much, Carol. That means the world to me. I hope you love Sheryl Sandberg’s book as much as I did, and that it brings you some comfort. Thinking of you, sending hugs and love ALWAYS. Thank you so much for reading and supporting me, it means the world to me; you are a light in my life and I am so lucky to know you. Lots and lots of love.

  • bensond2 says:

    Welcome back! I check your blog every day on my commute, just in case you update, so today was a lovely surprise! Congrats on your show!

    So, questions first:
    – Does the biore layer well with your makeup?
    – Did you worry more about the cat than other characters on “The Night Of”? Between the cat and JTs feet, I was beside myself for the entire show.
    – Do you think there really was gold and who has it? (no explanation necessary)

    Reading this book ( about Jim Jones and the People’s Temple. The author was interviewed on NPR and the story is FASCINATING. Watching Master of None and loving it; Aziz may be the male me and there’s lots of food porn! Trying to balance a grown-up job and a full-time school schedule, which means I basically am a hermit who talks to her dogs, drinks red wine, and obsesses over forehead lines.

    Take care and check in again soon!

    • Annie says:

      THANK YOU SO MUCH <3 <3 <3 This means the world to me. Like, more than you will ever know. I'm so sorry for the delayed response, I am not an organized or timely person (shameful. Sorry sorry.)

      – Yes, under certain makeup. I've found it is great under the Makeup Forever foundation stick, but not great under the Giorgio Armani fluid foundation. I realize this is probably not helpful. IF you let it totally soak in and put a primer over it (I like the Milk Blur stick right now), though, and do foundation once it is set, I've found that works best with this one – it's not one that blends super well because it is watery and not creamy.
      – YES. I always worry more about animals than humans (in life & cinema). The fate of the cat gave me SO MUCH anxiety!!!!!!
      – I hope there was, and that Tyler has it.
      – Just added that book to my reading list! Sounds intense but fascinating. Tony loves true crime and I think he would be into this, he will probably read first!
      – I NEED to start Master of None! Everyone I know loves it!!!

      Grown-up job/full-time school = you are a BADASS and inspiration (it is 6pm and I'm writing this in my PJ's. Hopefully the fact that it is Sunday makes that slightly less depressing/uninspiring.) Red wine & rescue dogs make everything better, and so do Instagram filters (a less $$/terrifying alternative to Botox.)

      THANK YOU AGAIN, this note brought me so much joy!