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Today is my last day of being 28... Tomorrow, I enter my last year of being in my twenties. Which is absolutely insane. Tony and I recently drove past a billboard for a new TV show and I started running my mouth about how the girl on the poster looks just like me and why didn’t I get to audition for that part?! Then, Tony nervously responded, “Maybe because she’s 19?” So, yes. I’m embarrassed to publicly admit it, but in my head, I still look exactly the same as I did in college. (Only with better hair.) Truthfully, I’m happier now than I have ever been, and I’m glad I’m not in college anymore. But, I’m a perfectionist and had a “life list” growing up that doesn’t exactly match up with where I’m at now. I thought I’d be an in-demand writer-actress, married, spearheading a successful book club, waking up early to go to yoga every morning, spawning a few future doctors, you get it... But, I’m not as far along in my career as I’d like to be. I’m the dictator of an online book club, so I guess that sort of counts. I’m still unable to do the splits or touch my toes, and my “work out” often consists of me lifting 3 lb weights while parked on the sofa, watching Scandal. Tony and I are both “creative types,” and given both of our history in math and science classes, I think it’s pretty unlikely we have any doctor genetics hidden in us. Our kids are much more likely to join the circus. Or worse, pursue a career in writing and acting. But, the married thing is happening this summer! Tony is the best thing to ever happen to me. So, if one thing I hoped for myself could actually come true, I’m so lucky that it is him.View Article

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