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Tony and I got in late last night from a close family friend's gorgeous wedding weekend in Colorado and we have a big meeting tomorrow that is going to force me to focus on something other than the wedding for the next 24 hours (and also shower). So, I'm going to make this brief(ish). But, I will climb onto my bridal blogger soapbox for a minute first and say this: We have less than 3 weeks until our wedding day, and the days are going by at warp speed (this is my excuse for not showering most days). There is a lot left to do, and I am a bad combination of super Type-A perfectionist and extremely disorganized. A lot of people have been asking me lately, "Are you okay?" and saying "Remember, it's supposed to be fun!" Here's the thing: It IS fun. So fun! I've loved weddings my entire life, and could not be more thrilled for my own. Especially after the last few we've attended, where I've known either the bride or groom for my entire life, which made those weddings all the more emotional and reminded me to take a minute and breathe when it comes to my own. And the old adage that guests only have as much fun as the bride and groom are having is absolutely true; I've just spent the last few weekends partying harder than I did in college with some of the happiest brides I've ever seen. So, the last thing I want is for my guests to be worried about me, or for them to watch stress wrinkles grow on my face. I want nothing more than the last year and a half of planning to result in a party where people are happy and carefree, with a drink in one hand and a jar of cake in the other, rocking out on the dance floor. Especially Tony and me...View Article

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I just got home from Lake Tahoe, and am already ready to go back. Tony had to work, so I reverted back to childhood and flew solo with my parents and canine siblings, Rigel and Rosie, for a long weekend in the mountains. I packed my white pants, ready to kick off summer and spend the weekend reading wedding magazines with a bottle of champagne by the lake, but Mother Nature had other plans. It hailed and poured rain for the majority of the trip, so instead I sat inside the house in sweatpants and passed the time snacking (another one of my favorite activities). We're desperately in need of some rain in California (and, perhaps, a rain plan for our wedding), and it was still a beautiful, relaxing weekend. (Although I'm not sure my parents would categorize our 3-hour marathon planning sesh with the florist and wedding planner "relaxing." I, however, loved every minute.) Tony and I have been engaged for so long, it's hard to believe the wedding is actually almost here (a little over two months away, to be exact). We have most of the big decisions out of the way, so now it's just the fun details to figure out, like whether or not to put cherries on the mini milkshakes, or how long to run on the treadmill in order to fit into my dress. It made me overwhelmingly happy, walking around the house I love so much, deciding where to say our vows, where to put the cake, where to put the Porta Potties. I'm feeling rejuvenated and so very lucky that we'll be getting married there. Here are 25 examples of why this place is my favorite in the world...View Article

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