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{Christie’s Salted Caramel Brownies + Maple Walnut Blondies. Please help me beg her for the Blondies recipe.}

Since the last recipe I shared was for a healthy diet smoothie and I am all about balance, yin yangs, feng shui and all that, I figured it was time to share a treat! And this recipe for Salted Caramel Brownies is the best treat I have had in recent memory. My friend Christie, the insanely talented chef behind Pardon My Crumbs, baked them for my bachelorette party and everyone went wild over them. I think this little story alone tells you just how delish they are: My friend Kim (who shared the above stated diet smoothie recipe and looks like THIS), took one bite of a brownie and, without any irony, looked up and said “Is this what I’ve been missing?!” Yes, Kim. This is what you have been missing.


{Didn’t get a pic of the actual brownies from the bachelorette because we all snarfed them down too fast, the one above is from Christie’s Instagram. But here is the ribbon that was tied around them! At least we didn’t eat that!}

Peep the recipe here! Christie dazzled them up by mixing mini peanut butter cups and walnuts into the batter, and drizzling then them with salted caramel and sprinkling sea salt on top. BON APPETIT!


  • Kim DeJesus says:

    Gahaha OMG literally if you knew how often I thought about these brownies. Legit the best dessert I’ve ever had I think!!!!!!!

    • Annie says:

      ME TOO. Luckily I still have several of them in my freezer. After the wedding let’s re-bake them AND EAT THEM ALL